week 24.

maya @ 24 weeks :: april 21, 2006

  • she rolls over in her crib (from front to back) when no one is looking. we have yet to see her accomplish this feat. 04.19.2006 edit: i finally got to see her roll over at her mommy and me class! i guess she wanted to show off to all of the other kids and moms. she rolled from her back to her tummy to get a toy, but her bottom arm got stuck, which made her mad and cry.
  • she is practicing the "ooooh" and "ooww" sounds. especially with the "ooooh" sounds she sticks out her lips to make a funny face.
  • getting her first passport.
  • she continutes to scooch herself around (esepcially in her crib) when she's on her tummy and really mad or when she's determined to get herself closer to her toys.
  • loved having her brother home for spring break.
  • went to the zoo, but mommy forgot the stroller (!) so she got to carry the diaper bag and maya in the carrier for three and a half hours while following ian around. we got pictures of ian but no pictures of maya.

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