nothing like some zen to put things in perspective

i just bought zen shorts for ian, but i totally got something from it. it's exactly what i needed after my down-in-the-dumps feeling the other day.

it helped to get me back on track and focus on the bigger picture. i totally recommend it.

and don't you just dig the panda wearing shorts? hee!


grudge girl said...

Hi girl,

Just thought I'd let you know I haven't forgotten about you. My life has been going through some pretty major changes as I've begun freelancing essentially full-time, leaving S & C with a sitter twice a week. Things didn't go smoothly, and I'm pulling my second all-nighter in a row. Next week should simmer down a bit.

I could use some zen!

Steliza said...

I think I am off to the book store today and just might brave the chidlren's section to look for this book. I could use a few extra smiles and a bit of zen. Thank you!

Glad you are hanging in there too. One wisdom I have learned thus far in life is if we have been loving our loved ones "right" when they are hurt or their time for leaving this earth is coming soon, it is going to hurt like the dickens. It really sucks at the time and seems like punishment, but it isn't. It is just a reminder that we and they loved with all their heart and all their strength. If you didn't love them "correctly," their times of need would be easy to ignore.

You have been loving with all your heart and all your strength and that makes you an inspiration to all around you!