week 34.

maya @ 34 weeks :: june 30, 2006
  • rupert put her in her crib in a sitting position while he was picking out clothes for her. when he turned around, she had pulled herself up by the crib railing almost to a fully-upright standing position. then, of course, she got stuck and couldn't get herself down!
  • she loves to eat her books. i can't stand damaging books so i had to go out and buy her board books i was okay with her eating. she goes after the corners with a vengeance.
  • she is becoming an escape artist. even when she's strapped into her chairs she manages to twist and squirm enough that she's just about to fall out. i might have to find chairs with shoulder harnesses.
  • besides that crib standing incident she's always trying to pull herself up, oftentimes using the back of the couch, my arm, her chair, or anything within reach. she'll even try to stand up in her pack-and-play by clawing at the sides. if she's on the floor in her room, she'll pull herself up onto her knees by grabbing the bookshelf to try to reach my books that i still have stored in her room.
  • rupert feeds her a bottle of formula a day, which she will take as long as i'm not around. what a lifesaver -- i've been able to sleep more! and now i can actually consider leaving her with family and friends.
  • loves to play peek-a-boo (inai-inai baa) and has even played by herself using a blanket over her face.
  • she can sometimes wave bye-bye (with her whole arm) if you demonstrate for her long enough.
  • i don't know if it's because of the formula, but she's been spitting up more often.
  • she likes to pull the closure on her diaper.
  • recognizes certain words i say to her: okki (up), oide (come here), mimi (milk)
  • really likes to play with her toys: donut rings, wood blocks, maracas, toy remote (which i hate because it makes too much noise but it's a distraction to keep her away from the real remote, which she's always going after), rings
  • she can get herself up into a sitting position from her stomach.
  • when she's sitting on the floor she can scoot herself around on her butt, usually backwards.
  • as much as she likes to be held, she'll only stay still for a little while. after that she's climbing up your body and twisting and turning to try to get loose.
  • when you try to give her a kiss (chu chu) she'll either headbutt you, lick your mouth, or slap you silly.
  • when she's ready to go to sleep she will almost throw herself into the crib from your arms. but when she doesn't want to go in she'll cling to your shirt and arm.

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