19 months.

maya @ 19 months :: june 4, 2007
  • first trip to hawaii to attend her nene's graduation. the dimetapp we gave her on the plane did nothing; she was wide awake and crawling all over us for five and a half hours. she did, of course, fall asleep the exact moment the plane touched down.
  • snoopy is her favorite stuffed animal right now (this past week). for some reason i love that she hugs her snoopy so tightly. maybe because i had a favorite snoopy growing up?
  • says "cheese" when you point the camera at her.
  • "eeeeeeeeee!" is what she calls ian. she often worries about him and looks for him or peers over at him saying, "ee?" she's always looking for his smiling face when she wakes up and she is absolutely delighted when we pick him from school. and he looks after her so well; the other day at the park when maya started running off ian was the only one chasing after her. they are beginning to be real pals.
  • when we read spots visits his grandparents all she wants to do is point out the dogs :: "wan wan wan wan wan wan wan wan wan wan"
  • seems to be more attached to me, especially after our trip to oahu.
  • she needs less and less sleep, especially after our trip to oahu. [as much as we loved our trip, it totally screwed her up, which we don't love.] during the five days we were away she didn't take a single nap longer than 15 minutes, if she napped at all. she brought this "habit" home with her and has not been napping or sleeping as well (or as long) as she used to.
  • wants to eat everything ian eats. if he wants to eat a snack she can't have i send him to his room to eat by himself.
  • calls books, "book-uh."
  • totally ready to go to kindergarten :: after dropping ian off at school we hang out with my mom friend who has to wait another few minutes to drop off her kindergartener. during that time maya chases the big kids around and tries to line up with them in front of their classroom.
  • if you're a dog owner she will love you. but she will glare and point at you accusingly if you dare show up without your dog. her love of dogs extends to every aspect of her life. she loved the dog segments on creature comforts but freaked out when other animals appeared. most small, furry four-legged animals (except cats) in her books are dogs to her.
  • she doesn't like cheese and yogurt as much as she used to. but she's becoming a cereal lover just like her dad.
  • favorite saying :: uh-oh!
  • will "bing bong" any exposed part of your belly.
  • i don't know how she does it because she's a very short person, but if the big tray is not on her high chair she can actually climb into the seat herself.
  • she is getting better and better at playing by herself, especially in the morning when i have lots of work to do.
  • her (spoken) vocabulary is definitely limited compared to monolingual kids her age. but she understands everything we say to her in english and japanese. unfortunately, she hears more english than japanese, so i'm considering enrolling her in a japanese preschool at least part-time to compensate for the difference.
  • she's like a tornado going through our house, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.
  • is it bad that she brings me the remote when she wants to watch tv?
  • she is perfecting her furrowed brow/disgruntled look she inherited from rupert.
  • she likes to pour liquids from one cup to another ... usually her milk from a sippy cup into a toy cup (and all over the floor while she's at it).
  • when she can't sleep she finds comfort in cuddling with hard objects like boardbooks and her sippy cup.
  • when she sees dinner being served she says "num/yum!" and races toward the dining table.

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