happy birthday R!

richie's birthday mosaic
1. self-portrait + observatory, 2. my sign, 3. the observatory opens up, 4. she's running on air, 5. not worth the price of admission ..., 6. ian + hollywood sign (waaaaay in the back), 7. group shot, 8. the orbits of the planets, 9. the birthday boy + oregon friends

saturday was my friend R's birthday. to celebrate we went to griffith observatory. i hadn't been to the observatory since high school so it was pretty neat to go back, even though it was during the day and we didn't see stars. but it was a gorgeous day so we spent a good deal of time outdoors. it was an ideal way to spend a spring day in los angeles.

our friends B+S were in town after finishing the aids/life cycle so they joined us for dinner at lares. B+S's arrival was supposed to be a surprise but A (R's wife) managed to spill the beans. tsk, tsk A! ;) it was nice of them to join us, especially since they were exhausted after a week of helping out as crew members for the ride.

maya was super cranky at dinner so that part wasn't particularly enjoyable but i'm so glad we were able to spend some quality time with R+A. they're moving away to atlanta in august and we are going to miss them so much. but it's a good excuse to visit atlanta for some de-lish southern grub!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day Y. I love your photos by the way. You definitely have an eye for a good photo and capturing a moment!