family week

blogging consistency hasn't been my strong suit as of late. but i have an excuse :: i was actually enjoying life!

busy week :: 06.17.07~06.24.07

a busy week for our family, what with father's day, ian's last day of first grade, a graduation, and family visiting.

i wasn't a particularly doting wife on father's day. poor rupert. he took the kids to the park in the morning (i think i might've been taking a nap), went to the beach with ian in the afternoon, and spent the evening with his family. meanwhile, i was in a totally bitchy mood so i wasn't my usual super-sweet self (ha! i make me laugh!).

thursday was a busy day for us because it was ian's last day of first grade. it was also his last day at this particular campus. they're tearing down the school over the summer to rebuild it ('cause it's close to 60 years old). construction will take at least a year, which means ian will never get to attend the new school because it's only a K-2 school. but maya will enjoy the new campus in a few years.

after school we went to chuck e cheese (not my choice, of course) with ian's best friend and his mom. thankfully it wasn't too crowded and maya was on her best behavior. regardless of the "good" experience, i refuse to go back there.

that evening was rupert's sister's high school graduation ... at the same school we graduated from 13 years ago. can you believe that?! 13 years ago! not to sound jaded or anything, but listening to the graduates' speeches made me feel old because they sounded so naive and untarnished. i'm sure they are very accomplished students but they are still so inexperienced. but inexperience can also be interpreted as "potential," and i hope that my young sister-in-law takes advantage of the many opportunities awaiting her as a college student. congrats, L!

we also got to spend the weekend with rupert's younger brother, who visited with his girlfriend. they currently live in the midwest and we only get to see them once or twice a year. because he is the kids' only uncle i really want them to spend quality time with him. and it was a bonus that his girlfriend came along because she is so good with the kids. i just wish we got to see them more often.

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