in case you were wondering ...

most of you may know that my husband's actual name is not rupert. i started calling him that on my blog after he returned from a conference last year where the professor kept calling him that. my husband doesn't look like a rupert to me (or to most people) so i found it to be hi-lar-i-ous that i was married to a rupert. at the time, i thought the professor meant a human rupert, but it turns out i was wrong ...

rupert's co-worker attended the same conference this year and came back with this story (as told by rupert in an email to me) ::

A [his co-worker] was at the Northwestern workshop that I went to last year and inquired about why Prof. Cook called me Rupert. Apparently when he said I looked like Rupert he was refering to this Rupert:


I don't find that to be a complement.

[because i'm a mean wife who likes to (further) humiliate her husband, i didn't bother fixing his spelling errors ...]

this story, of course, made me laugh even harder. i've actually watched a bit of the animated, early-'90s rupert show and i just don't see the resemblence.

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myra said...

Ha! That really is too funny!

PS I was so confused about this when we met and I can be terrible with names. Now it all makes sense! :)