even funnier than U6 soccer

we signed ian up for basketball at the local county park. rupert took him to practice on thursday and came home excited. he wanted to be out there on the court with the kids. as for ian, my impression was that he wanted to play but baseball is his first love.

at least he actually dribbles

bright and early this morning we headed out for ian's first game. the kids aren't on separate teams; they're all on the lakers. before warm-ups begin the coaches just have them flip their jerseys so there are yellow lakers and white lakers. ian played in a couple of quarters and did really well. during the first quarter i think he made the majority of baskets for his team.

take it down the court, ian!

and while i can commend ian on his basketball playing skills -- he's running hard, being aggressive with defense, passing to his teammates, and making good shots -- some of the other kids are hilarious! i couldn't stop laughing for most of the first quarter. the kids are just running with the ball (dribbling is clearly an aquired skill), some of them need reminders about which way to run, etc. of course, there are some very skilled players even at this young age, so it's exciting to watch too.

i just need to figure out how not to take crappy sports pictures before the end of the season ...

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Anonymous said...

You know the problem isn't going to be your sports photography skills as much as it is going to be the indoor/horrible lightening situation that sports played in gyms cause. Super duper flash and film speed factor into what kind of photo you get...no matter how great the eye behind the lense is. And just think about the blurriness as a good reflection of all the action going on.