did you watch it?

the scripps national spelling bee, of course. how could you not?! ian and i watched it until the end, and while i'm not surprised the homeschooled genius boy won, i was hoping nate gartke, the canadian boy, would outspell them all.

i was so pleased to see ian trying to spell each of the words, and even though he's not particularly interested in competing in a spelling bee, at least he wanted to watch the whole show. it was a great way for me to show him how helpful language lessons are in figuring out the spelling of words. many of the words were french in etymology, which made it easier for ian to understand how those words were spelled. i don't think i'll forget the spelling of fauchard for a long time to come. (or the meaning of vituline.)


rich said...
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rich said...

[Re-post] Have you and Ian seen Spellbound?