the age of innocence

as i was driving to the airport post office last night (which, by the way, is the place to be on a friday night) i passed by the strip club near lax. it reminded me of the last time i drove by, on our way home from hawaii. ian says, "look, that store is a 'nude and alcohol shop'. i wonder what that means." the sign in front of the club actually says "nude and xxx shop" but ian thought the triple-x meant alcohol, the way old time cartoons mark jugs of beer/moonshine. i couldn't help but laugh and give ian some lame reason for the name. and it got me thinking that he's getting to that age when he'll start asking me what's up with the nude shop and why people talk about having sex. oy, yet another hurdle in parenthood. for now, i'll relish the fact that he's more concerned with the "alcohol" portion of the sign rather than the "nude" part.

[btw, some of you la people may be familiar with this strip club -- not because you've gone to it ... or maybe you have -- but because it's the place where they were missing letters from their billboard for awhile and in big orange and yellow letters it said "nud nudes." that always made me crack up. why, i don't know. but i was bummed when they got new letters.]

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone who drives to LAX knows the exact location you speak of. I totally got a chuckle out of the "alcohol" and "shop" part. Even had to share that with Brad. Brad was very impressed with Ian's wisdom and now "XXX" in our house will probably always be thought of as "alcohol" with a giggle thanks to Ian!