another dangerous hobby to get into?

many of the crafters whose blogs i read are great thrifters (i.e., people who shop at thrift stores and flea markets) and they post their beautiful finds. much of it is vintage fabrics (linens, clothes, etc.), kitchenware, toys and books. i've always admired how they're able to find such cool stuff at great prices.

vintage tablecloth

well, yesterday, i did a good job on my first purchase of vintage linens. i was at the manhattan beach farmers market picking up some tomatoes when i spotted a booth with fabrics hanging on all sides. i peeked in, saw a "20%-50% off" table and had to stop. the lady there, edythe, informed me that everything was vintage. i don't know a thing about vintage linens, so i went with my gut and found two things i had to get :: a pat prichard hankie and a tablecloth from the '50s. edythe said i was getting a good deal but i'll just have to take her word for it. regardless of price, i really like what i found and i'm having a hard time deciding whether to actually use the tablecloth on our dining table. messy family + vintage fabric = not a good idea.


the few thrift stores i've been to lately (salvation army) haven't had any fabrics, much less cool vintage ones. i gave up on the idea that i would find (cheap) unique and kitchy linens for our house, but now that i've made my first purchase i may redouble my efforts in this area.

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