keeping busy

still trying to finish up those orders i've been working on since a month ago. i sort of feel like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel but i'm probably just being a bit delusional from the lack of sleep.

i'm currently working on some red egg + ginger party invitations for my friend K's daughter (who is adorable, by the way). we're invited to the party too, but i hope they didn't feel obligated to invite us because i made the invitations! this will be my first red egg + ginger party so i'm pretty excited about attending. (you can see a sample of the completed invitation here.)

75 down, 75 more to go

tools of the trade

and i probably shouldn't be doing this, but i decided to work on rupert's birthday party mini-album during my little breaks. it's based on this project by shimelle laine (you can watch the video at fiskars tv :: epsiode 44, march 15, 2007). i'll post pictures of it once i'm done.

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