couldn't have said it better myself

if you're a mom who reads blogs, you're probably very familiar with heather of dooce. personally, i'm a fan and read it regularly.

i just had to talk about today's dooce post because i've been scammed by a door-to-door saleskid too. back in march a high school kid came around selling books to raise funds so he could go to sacramento for a government/civics trip. he was very eloquent and well-spoken and because he dropped my neighbor's name i decided to buy a book and donate some money for books for kids in the hospital. giant red flags should have gone up when he only took cash and gave me no contact info to get my book. i gave him $34 and he hasn't been back with the world history book i wanted to get for ian. and i've been kicking myself (and my brain cell-leaking mind) ever since.

and i gotta make one of those signs -- not heather's version, but jon's!

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