summer harvest

have i ever mentioned that i have a brown thumb? i manage to kill most plants in an instant. so i stay away from taking care of plants. rupert has a semi-green thumb (or, put another way, a semi-brown thumb) and likes to have lots of plants around. every year he and ian plant some seeds/seedlings. in the past they've grown japanese cucumber and eggplant, strawberries (which continue to produce fruit without replanting), peppers, and tomatoes. this year they planted carrots (a no go) and green beans. as you can see, we had a bountiful first harvest of the beans.

although i can't grow anything worth diddly squat, i love to reap the rewards of my husband's gardening. our first cucumber and big batch of cherry tomatoes were used in a recent salad, and last night i sauteed the green beans. having fresh veggies from our garden really screams summer to me, and i'm looking forward to more!

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myra said...

That's so cool that your husband and son grow vegetables together (and strawberries too)!

I've been meaning to plant some things with my son as well, but I have a "black" thumb.