week 32.

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maya @ 32 weeks :: june 16, 2006

  • road trip to lake tahoe for a whopping one full day before driving back! she was pretty good on the way there; just one crying spell while we were stuck in traffic in sacramento. but the way back? yikes! screaming for at least 2 hours and hardly any sleeping.
  • first boat ride in a speed boat on lake tahoe. we were cautious enough to put a life jacket on ian, but they didn't have a baby size for maya, so what did we do? just strapped her into her carseat and brought her along. safe? of course not! fun? you bet!
  • makes sounds that resemble "wov wu". very cute.
  • she's becoming a daddy's girl. it used to be that she always came to me, but now she likes to go to daddy a lot of the time ... which is fine with me!
  • her first bad case of diaper rash. remember that 2-hour screaming bout she had in the car? turns out it was because she had a red, extremely sensitive butt. when we got home we were really startled to see how red it was; no wonder she was crying so much. and not surprisingly, after two diaper changes she started to fear the changing table. a little cream and some bum-washing helped.
  • using her abs to try to do sit-ups, especially after she's finished feeding she'll try to get herself up from the boppy.
  • loves to play peek-a-book-ish games; not only traditional peek-a-boo but also when you move around, trying to hide yourself, she will thrash her head around looking for you giggling all the while.
  • her nighttime sleeping habits are getting bad again. she still wakes up, i still feed her at least once (as long as she hasn't eaten for over 6 hours), and i'm tired.
  • she continues to be extremely determined to get around, whether by rolling or by a very rudimentary form of the "army crawl." she's already eyeing all of the stuff she can pull down, rip up, chew on or destroy.
  • gets really excited when she sees a bottle of baby food in your hands. she was squirming and jumping around in her carseat at the market when i was browsing the baby food aisle.
  • when she's playing she likes to bang things together and throw them.
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