my sister is home for the summer holiday. she hasn't seen maya since maya was a month old. i wish she were home more often to see her neice and nephew grow up. but i also know that my little sister needs this time away from us (her parents and her know-it-all big sis) to learn what
independence really means.

all the same, i'm glad she's home for the summer ... she's another free babysitter i can call up on a minute's notice!

(the three of them are playing with kami-fuusen - paper balloons - a traditional japanese toy. no surprise maya crushed, ripped and ate hers. you can sometimes purchase these at japanese-style 99 cent stores.)

(néné is what ian calls my sister; it's a combination of her name and the japanese word for "big sister," which can be used as a term of endearment for any girl who is older.)

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Steliza said...

In our house, Maya would be called the "Poki" in the picture!