new toy

i mentioned before that we were getting a dslr (digital single lens reflex) camera for my birthday (it was kinda pricey so it's actually a father's day/wedding anniversary/30th birthday present). well, it arrived yesterday and we're pretty darn excited about it. although i'd heard great things about the canon digital rebel, we went with the konica minolta maxxum 5d because we have a minolta film slr and we can use the lenses interchangeably. unfortunately, minolta is getting out of the camera business so this camera has been discontinued. but on the flip side, sony has taken over its digital camera services so i'm not too concerned about maintenance. we also got a great deal on ebay for it so i'm pretty happy ... as long as it continues to work.

there's just something about a "real" camera (as opposed to a point-and-shoot) that's fun to shoot with. i have no idea what all of the features do, and i'm going to have to relearn all about f-stops and apertures and all that, but i'm really hoping that the quality of my pictures will improve.

here's a comparison of shots i took this morning with the dslr and our old point-and-shoot:

can you tell the difference?

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Northern_Girl said...

There is a difference. Wow.

Yeah-and when you can explain in English - and probably at the 5th grade level - the f-stop and aperature thing? Let me know. :)