week 30.

maya @ 30 weeks :: june 2, 2006
  • she enjoys playing while sitting up. she used to fall over after 10~30 seconds but now she can sit for minutes on end. and if she falls sideways, she's able to fall fairly gently so she can easily get herself onto her stomach.
  • she's playing more with toys, instead of just gnawing on them.
  • she was extremely fussy this week. maybe all that solid food wasn't agreeing with her? not sleeping much didn't help matters.
  • still waking up, on average, twice a night. no feedings (unless it's after 5am), but we still have to soothe her to sleep. she isn't very good at self-soothing, unfortunately.
  • on the rare occasion she will push herself up on her hands and knees.
  • i always thought she got around the floor by rolling over, but it turns out she rolls over until she gets off her playmat, then she slides around on her tummy on the hardwood floor.
  • if she's leaning up against something she can support herself standing up for a little while.
  • mama is seriously thinking about weaning because maya's leaving bite marks (and drawing blood) when she nurses.
  • we had her first instance of grabbing toys at rie class. she tried to grab a toy out of the hands of the baby next to her. they played tug-o-war for a little while and maya took it away. while she was playing with it, the teacher gave the other baby an identical toy. of course, maya lunged for that one too. she was more interested in what the other baby had, i guess. a sign of things to come ...


allison said...

love the photo! maya and the chicky no longer fit on the rocking chair together, huh?

Steliza said...

Are you saying that cute precious little smiling face can cause trouble? Surely not!

She is so adorable and what an amazing job you do with recording her growth and sharing it with all of us. Thank you!