week 31.

maya @ 31 weeks :: june 9, 2006

  • first trip to the beach.
  • eating crackers like a pro.
  • getting into the "blah blah" stage of speech.
  • will actually play happily by herself for a little while.
  • on good days she'll lie around in her crib for up to an hour after waking up without complaining.
  • loves to have air blown in her face, whether it's the fan, the wind or just you blowing air, it brings a smile to her face ... and gets her bangs out of her eyes.
  • she fell off our bed on wednesday, right on to the hardwood floor. oops. that same afternoon her brother accidentally bopped her on the back of the head as he was falling over. oops again.
  • still cannot get her to sleep through the night. the other night we let her cry herself back to sleep; it took an hour and twenty minutes of screaming before she tired herself out.

    Northern_Girl said...

    Cute! Wow she has grown - and just look at all that hair!


    Steliza said...

    I have never had the pleasure to meet the sweet Miss Maya yet, but your wonderful blog posts sure help me feel like I am there watching her grow. Thank you Y!