culture is a good thing

my mom and i went to the gustav klimt exhibit at lacma yesterday with maya in tow. it's been quite a while since i went to an art museum; in fact, the last time i went might've been 3 years ago when we saw an ansel adams exhibit at lacma.

i like going to art museums, but i don't like being rushed. i'd rather find a really great piece and just stare at it for awhile. this has not been possible with a toddler, and now with a squirmy baby like maya it's even harder.

the good thing about the klimt exhibit (which ends today) is that there are only five pieces, with adele bloch-bauer I (shown in the poster) being the main piece. as pretty as that piece is, my favorite is probably apple tree I, a landscape. however, it was crowded so you couldn't really take it all in in peace and quiet. didn't help that maya was climbing all over me trying to get a better look at all the people in attendance.

our next museum trip is probably the super heroes science exhibition at the california science center. it's not art/culture, but ian will definitely be interested.

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