happy father's day!

kinda doing things differently this year ... my dad had to leave for singapore yesterday so we had an early father's day dinner on friday. we were all supposed to go out to the restaurant my sister works at and sit in her section so we could technically "be together," but since ian was sick they got take-out (generously paid for by my sister) and came over to our house.

and since rupert's brother was briefly in town but had to leave this morning, we had dinner with his extended family last night at my in-laws' beach house. at first maya didn't warm up to uncle A, but after seeing him a couple of times she went willingly into his arms (but wasn't so cooperative with her grandmother, great-grandmother or her great-aunt). it may have something to do with the fact that uncla A looks sort of similar to rupert. [rupert would like you to think that he's taller than his younger brother, but i don't think he is ... he's just standing on a step higher than A.]

and, this morning, i was supposed to get up with the kids to let rupert sleep in but i just couldn't. so he took the early 6am shift and maya actually took a bottle of formula!!!!!!!!! after she went back to sleep, i woke up and rupert went back to bed. i didn't make him breakfast or anything. kinda anti-climactic considering he made me an elaborate breakfast for mother's day. oh well.

anyhoo, happy day to all the dads out there! we may not say it often, but we moms do appreciate you year-round. :)

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allison said...

yep, you are right. us moms do (and can admit once a year that we) appreciate all you dads out there. i *love* this photo because (1) i can see maya's little teeth, (2) she's holding her taggy blanket, and (3) i'm seeing double rupert.