the only thing i can do is sew straight lines

maya has caught ian's cold and seems to be a bit miserable. she got up three times last night, which is now not the norm for us. i'm tired. she is too, but she won't go to sleep. poor thing.

besides being kept up by my maya, i've been making stuff:

since tomorrow is ian's last day of kindergarten i made a gift for his teacher. each day one student gets to take home the "star student of the day" journal with an animal puppet in a vinyl lunch bag. we could never get the darn bag to close because the journal was too big, so i made her a new bag and covered a plain composition notebook with patterned paper (which was what she was sending home as the journal). the journal isn't finished yet; i need to decorate the cover and give it a title.

back in march i found a martha stewart "good things" in the april 2006 issue about making a cover for the sewing machine using a tea towel. it looked simple enough, and since my sewing machine just sits there gathering dust i thought i might as well make a cover for it. i went to target and found a tea towel set on clearance and left them by the sewing machine. that was, what? like three months ago? since i was using the machine last night to make the bag, and the iron was also out, i figured i had better make the cover now or else it would never get made. turns out it was super easy and took like 10 minutes, even with my amateur sewing skills. (i used regular grosgrain ribbon instead of twill tape.)

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allison said...

AWESOME! You are my idol because you can sew straight lines! :-)