29 weeks.

this morning i went in for my ob appointment. i'm exactly 29 weeks into my pregnancy -- "just" 11 more weeks to go. 77 days. 1,848 hours. 110,880 minutes. what do i plan to do in that time?

there are things that need to be done, and then there are things that i want to do. so, a need is to get things organized and cleaned up for the baby's room. a really important want is to spend quality time with the boy. which is more important? which will i do more of?

i feel like, already, i'm making a choice between my first born and my "new baby."

i know that's not true, though. i'm not choosing between my two children. it's the way all mothers balance the millions of things that go on in a day, a week, a month, a year ...

in the end, i'm sure i will spend pretty equal amounts of time playing and talking with the boy, organizing and cleaning my room (i haven't yet accepted the name change to "the nursery"), taking a moment (or two or three) for myself, annoying and loving JR, and just trying to get things done. in other words, each day will be a regular day in the life of a mom.

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