cherry tofu

on saturday, after five years of not going, i went to tofufest again. even though i knew it was going to be hot and the food, overpriced. but JR, the boy and our friends R and his wife, A, hadn't been and we actually had a reason to go: friend G's dad was performing with his ukulele school. so we headed out with a free admission coupon and $1 off coupon (love that!) ... and i was right: it was hot and the food was overpriced. but it's for charity so i'm not complaining (in fact, i used to work for ltsc, which organizes the event). the tofu okonomiyaki was good and the pad thai wasn't bad, except that it wasn't technically made from tofu; it just had fried tofu on the side. anyway, we saw tofuzilla, a bizarre looking beast made out of tofu packaging, and the four of us finished off a pint of black cherry tofu ice cream. i told you -- it was hot! otherwise, i probably wouldn't have touched the stuff.

it was great seeing R and A, and G and his new lady friend; it's been a couple of months since we last saw R and A, despite the fact they live less than 20 miles away. i hate that we don't get to see friends who live close to us. R is a friend from college, who actually married us at our wedding five years ago. he's a wonderful person, and he found an incredibly fun and energetic person in A -- we love her because she's sooooo good with kids.

so, despite the heat and the shelling out of the bucks, it was a nice day to see good friends and do something different.

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