progress report

the list of 8 things from yesterday's post didn't all get done, but i did a few things:

1. Wash and get dressed
2. Make your bed --> i don't think this will ever get done
3. Load or unload the DW or empty the sink
4. Do a quick cleaning of the bathroom
5. Sweep the kitchen floor
6. Start one load of laundry
7. Spend 15 minutes tidying up the public rooms
8. Spend 15 minutes DECLUTTERING --> i did more than 15 minutes, in fact. i got rid of some magazines for starters. and then i ventured into the craft room, took down some boxes i hadn't opened in awhile and started trashing things. one of the things i get emotionally attached to are cards/letters/postcards from friends and family. i rarely throw these out. but i did it: i threw out a whole bunch and put them into the recycling.

but i haven't gotten too much from my three step program done today: i threw out some old paper scraps, inventoried beads i found last night, moved my 12x12 paper containers into the living room office area, and decluttered just a bit. and then i spent the rest of my day online -- BIG surprise!

but i found a great blog by a lady named tenika morrison. i haven't read too much yet, but i particularly enjoyed her "funky finds," usually posted on thursday. she and i have similar tastes and she's found some pretty cool/cute stuff. enjoy!

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