a better choice of words

after getting some feedback from my friend R i've decided to change my attitude and call my parenting and housekeeping style "good enough," rather than half-ass. there's a difference, i'm sure. i just haven't figured it out yet.

i also know that i write too much. i'm still trying to get used to the blogging style; i've always been overly verbose with the written word and that's going to have to change. i'm working on it. but it's hard enough to get me to shut up when i talk, much less get me to stop typing to a non-existent audience.

continuing with the theme of words, hubby came home yesterday and expressed a dislike of being referred to as "hubby." he will henceforth be known as JR. (JR did not want his actual name "all over the internet," despite the fact that he googles himself every once in awhile to make sure he's mentioned somehwere.) i've also decided not to mention my son's actual name -- i'll call him "the boy," "the kid," or IR. got that?

now that i've gotten the administrative issues squared away i can talk about my day, which was good. i had breakfast with some co-workers. i had lunch at my mom's. we went shopping for school clothes for the boy and ended up finding some great deals for him and my yet-to-be-born-daughter. cute outfits for like $3~$7. and, yes, they were new clothes. i also bought myself a pair of pink pumas for eighteen bucks. i just have to wait for the pregnancy swelling in my feet to go away to wear them comfortably. (where was this sale, you ask? macy's.) and it's JR's night to make dinner. it's always a good day when i don't have to make a single meal.

the highlight, though, occured as we were leaving the mall. a random lady asked me if the boy was five years old. i said he wasn't and she replied that was too bad because she was casting for a commercial and he was so cute, but he had to be five-and-a-half. i'd casually considered signing him up for modeling before because i thought he was cute, but this was the first time an "industry professional" confirmed it. so, as a mom, that made me pretty proud ... especially considering the current state of the kid's haircut and the crazy clothes he was wearing.

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