it. is. hot.

music :: greenday

i just need to whine a bit ... it's unbearably hot. okay, unbearable may be a tad bit of an overstatement, but anything over 80 is hot to me. it must be in the mid-80s today (and yesterday, too). i can't stand it. being pregnant doesn't help either. i'm sweaty, uncomfortable, totally crabby, nauseous, you get the picture. oh yeah, and totally unproductive.

remember that album i was supposed to finish yesterday? not done. almost done but i'm still trying to finish up the last few pages and the cover. i do have to finish it by tomorrow since my friend is picking it up. i just hope that it cools down enough that i can concentrate for more than, say, 2 minutes.

okay, whining session is now over. back to work. once the heat escapes my brain i will have something better to talk about. i promise.

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