today's checklist

as of 6:00pm the starred (*) items on the NOT DONE list have been done -- hooray for me! and just in time for hubby's arrival home.

my goal now, since i have nothing more to say, is to finish the double-starred items before going to bed at 10:00pm. will i get them done? we'll see ...

morning update: i gotta admit i only completed half of what i double-starred. i folded the load of laundry but didn't wash another load. i loaded the dishwasher to run tonight, but didn't handwash the pots and pans. but that's close enough. you didn't actually think i'd get it all done, did you?


  • started blog and posted something
  • found an adorable site : the potterpuffs
  • one load of laundry
  • child-related activities: got him to and from preschool; fed him lunch; got him to write a bit in his journal
  • ordered some materials for a custom order scrapbook
  • made sure the baby in my stomach didn't starve (i.e., took prenatal vitamin; ate breakfast -- plain yogurt with fresh nectarines & a croissant -- how french!; ate leftover okonomiyaki for lunch)


  • shower * --> i even got the boy showered
  • dishes **
  • thinking about what to make for dinner *
  • more laundry + folding aforementioned one load of completed laundry **
  • calling pta prez re: bookfair *
  • finding a plaster guy to get the hole in son's wall fixed (an unforeseen side-effect of the plumbers' visit)

well, i guess i better try to get some of the "not done" stuff done before hubby gets home ...

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