JR and i looked through the baby name wizard last month even though we already have a name picked out for the girl. he particularly liked this book because it has a little graph for each name showing the popularity of the name over time (stats/data nerd that he is, he likes visual representations of numbers). interestingly enough, the book said that IR's name and the girl's name (MR) are a good match for siblings -- who knew?

the namevoyager shows you the kind of graph i mentioned above for 5,000 names. just click on "launch namevoyager" (skip the stupid ad video) and type in the beginning letter or the whole name (you can also specify a name as boy/girl/both) and it'll show you a graph. MR's name wasn't in the top 1,000 names in the 1960s, but was number 85 on the popularity list in 2004.

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