day 1 of how many days?

i finally broke down and signed up for this blogging thing ... knowing full well that i may not last past day 2, cuz, you know, i'm a total mikka bozu (a japanese term for someone who can't continue with anything for more than 3 days).

i've recently gotten into reading other people's blogs (something i'd resisted for quite a long time) and i have to admit it's totally engrossing. i don't want to go far as to say it's voyeuristic, but it can be fascinating to read what's happening in another person's life. on the other hand, it can be as dull as hell. for example, the blog i check up on regularly is by a scrapbooker who also happens to be a mom to a preschool-age son recently diagnosed with autism. she writes about both topics, which could be totally boring to anyone who's not interested. but i'm totally into it, even more than other scrappers' blogs.

anyway, i started talking to my friend R about blogging. R had a short-lived blog and i asked him why he stopped updating it. his response:
I originally wanted to write a political and movie-cultural blog for my friends, but my friends more or less think the same way that I do (and read the same sort of stuff), so there wasn't much to add there. The blogging question for you is: what's your shtick?

indeed, what is my shtick? R suggested a paper arts-related blog; i was thinking a mom blog; hubby chimed in with the idea of a pregnancy blog (which, of course, would then turn into a mom blog because i'm NOT going to stay pregnant forever!). so, the unoriginal idea for now is to write a sbing (i.e., scrapbooking) and i'm-pregnant-and-i-have-a-soon-to-be-kindergartener blog with an emphasis on half-ass parenting & housekeeping. since the half-ass part is the emphasis, i'm warning you now that this blog may very well be written in a half-ass way (as in, sporadically written short entries).

okay, now that i've set a general guideline of what to write about, let's get started. but first ... gotta go pick up the kid from preschool. stay tuned for part 2 of day 1 ...

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Rhonda said...

I wasn't sure what to write about in my blog either in the beginning. Someone suggested scrapbooking since that is something that I enjoy. I have included that (scanner broke so I can't include any more), but I have also trailed off to any other subject that crosses my mind. Not sure how interesting my blog is to others but as long as I am enjoying doing it shouldn't that really be what matters? Good luck with yours.