see you in a few days

i'm off for a mini-vacation with the boy and my folks. i'll be back on wednesday, hopefully with something witty to say.

until then, here's my tip of the day for those of you spending the weekend cleaning:
baby wipes make for great cleaning in the bathroom for moms and kids. i buy my wipes in bulk at costco and leave a pack in the bathroom. after the boy "dribbles" while peeing, a single wipe can quickly and easily clean up the mess on the toilet rim and the floor without using harsh chemicals. it's also great around the sink; i find that washing hands for a preschooler means "make a big muddy, soapy mess around the sink." so i wipe in and around the sink quickly. the boy (who's 4-1/2) can even do this kind of cleaning! now if i can only get JR to do it ...

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