30 weeks.

just some observations about being seven-and-a-half months pregnant ::

my stomach is kinda lopsided, towards the left. she seems to be huddled on the left-side, and she sure does move a lot on the left (very rarely on the right).

besides kicking she is somersaulting and thudding around in my stomach. literally, my whole body will jolt at some of her kicks/punches. what is she doing in there??

my organs have moved around in my body --> digestion does not work as it used to.

stomach is getting a tad bit hairy. gross.

lying on my left is supposed to be more comfortable but not so. yes, lying on my right does make me want to pee (pressure on the bladder) but i'm on my right side more ... maybe because she takes up so much dang room on my left side!

i function better if i sleep in until at least 8am. otherwise, i have to nap during "postcards from buster" (one of the boy's favorite shows on pbs).

greek style plain yogurt mixed with ripe white nectarines really hit the spot. get 'em at tj's!

the girl hiccups almost daily, and i didn't even notice it until A asked me if she did. at the time i was totally stumped. did she? i didn't think so, but it turns out she does. her hiccups are like feeling a second heart beating in my stomach ... on the left side, of course.

surprise! i'm teary-eyed a lot. during my pregnancy with the boy, i cried when the lakers won the championship ... and, as a general rule, i don't even like professional sports. this time around, i got quite teary-eyed when the curacao little league team lost the little league world series game. sure, i was happy for the hawaiian team, but the look on that poor curacao pitcher's face when the hawaiian kid hit a homer to win the game in extra innings. it was heartbreaking.


hobokener said...

Hairy stomach, eh? curious if you have a linea negra, a dark vertical line that many pregnant women get.

yucaree said...

sure do have a linea negra ... a really long one. it's not very dark according to JR. it reaches my now outie of a bellybutton, and then it continues, albeit faintly, all the way to my ample pregnant-lady cleavage. did you need to know that much? probably not.

and, just so you know, my stomach is not that hairy, just wispier than it used to be. JR reassures me that i have nothing to worry about because i'm not anywhere near as hairy as his stomach!

grudge girl said...

When are you due? Are you going to have a little Libra like Charlotte?

yucaree said...

grudge girl,

i'm due on november 7 -- would that make the girl a scorpio? my mom and son are scorpios. thankfully, my son is not as crazy as my mother (at least, not yet).

a friend of my mom's is into some kind of asian numerology and said that if the girl is born in late-october she'd be a great beauty, but a huge pain in the ass, too. i really should find out if the prognosis is any better if she's born in november.

grudge girl said...

Awww... Ethan's b-day is the 8th! And mine is the 19th. I come from a family chock full of them, in fact. Scorpios rock. We can be overly passionate (read: stubborn and drama-queenish), and you should definitely keep a close eye on the high school boyfriend situation, but scorpios are so... polished and wise, even as children.

And you'll have 2! You're so lucky! I hope the boy doesn't struggle with jealousy too much. It sounds like he's a dear little guy, so he might feel it a bit, but I bet he won't act out.

I actually tried to kill my baby brother. Seriously. I was two, but I knew there was an imposter, so I lowered the crib rails, pushed him out onto the floor, and wrapped my baby hands around his neck. Luckily my grandmother discovered us before any damage was done, but let's just say my brother still likes to bring it up at inopportune moments.

Hey now you'll have one of each! Congratulations! Girls are a revelation. I can't wait to read all about it. *grin*

yucaree said...

my son can be passionate and stubborn, just in his mellow, sensitive way. i'm sure you're right about him possibly becoming jealous but not acting out. i'm trying really hard to show him lots o' love and i'll try extra hard after the girl is born to keep it up.

i'm currently preparing myself for having a heck of a time with the girl. since the boy is such an easy kid everyone has told me i'm not going to luck out twice and get another one like him. so they're making me expect the worst with #2. besides, girls kinda scare me ... especially after watching my little sister and my little sister-in-law --> they drove/are driving their parents crazy. nothing like their goody-two-shoes, geeky older siblings!

well, i'm glad you didn't strangle your little brother and he's currently well enough to keep mentioning it at inopportune moments! i think older siblings are sometimes forced into insanity by their younger siblings. clearly, not our fault!