shout out

just wanted to send my friend BAC a little hello; he's the newest reader of my blog (perhaps the only reader?). BAC is a friend from college, and i knew if anyone would read my blog and comment on my posts, it would be him. so, BAC, i commented on your comments if you want to read those too ... no pressure, though!

BAC's wife is expecting their first child, also a daughter. her due date is about 12 days after mine. it's nice to have other pregnant couples to talk to while you're pregnant, even if they are on the other side of the country. BAC's wife is a bit more ambitious than me :: she was a high school teacher in a not-so-nice school in nyc last year, and now 7 months pregnant, she continues to take classes for another master's degree. and she just came back from a trip overseas where she walked 5 miles everyday. she's crazy, i tell you! congrats to you guys, BAC and LS -- i know you'll make fabulous parents!

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hobokener said...

Thanks for the shout out. Remember that LS enjoys education so for her getting more masters degrees and relaxing are practically hand in hand.