how's the decluttering coming, you ask?

about a week ago i was thinking really hard about decluttering and cleaning my house. maybe it was the "nesting instinct" i'm supposed to be getting, but i really was thinking about it a lot. now, as i'm sure you can imagine, the thinking did not translate into doing. (the nesting instinct is apparently not completely in me.) it's unfortunate, but that's how it goes around here.

but i've been a little bit better about loading and unloading the dishwasher, not starting too many loads of laundry (hence, there isn't as much clean clothes piled up on the couch as there usually is), wiping up in the bathroom, and throwing stuff into the 'donate' bag as i'm walking around the house. at this rate it will take me a good five years to get the house in order, but it's a start. and i did partially organize the linen closet ... because, you know, the nesting instinct requires that i "nest" where people don't care to look!

JR is always scared to mention when i have a good streak of making dinner or keeping the kitchen clean because he knows it won't last; he secretly enjoys the short-lived cleanliness and orderliness of the house. i do, too. so why is it so difficult to keep it up?? i enjoy the fruits of my labor -- shouldn't that be enough to motivate me to get off my butt and clean once in awhile? nope.

and the reason? and i've firmly come to believe this about myself ... i'm lazy. truly, i'm a lazy person. combine being lazy with being self-absorbed and totally content with just good enough, and you have me.

i'm really not sure how i made it this far in life being this way, but i think i've been extraordinarily lucky. that's it :: luck. i was lucky to be just smart enough to get into an ivy league college so i could get a good job (that i only stuck with for a year); i was lucky enough to snag a boyfriend who felt i was good enough to marry (and who doesn't complain too much about how i keep house); i was lucky enough that i've always been able to find a job when i needed to work (i.e., when JR told me it was high-time i brought in some form of income); and i've been lucky enough to have a smart, fairly self-sufficient son who doesn't ask me for too much. i've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who basically coddle me.

but, as i'm nearing 30, i should probably rely less on luck and more on my own skills. i'll think about it.

but back to the topic at hand ... how's the decluttering coming? in short, not so good. but i was working for the last few days on the photo album for my friend so i wasn't doing any housework. (i can only do one thing at a time, okay?!) however, i intend to get something done soon. it'd be nice to have something to show for my day. JR comes home from work, asks me what i did all day, and all i can say is, "nothing much." that's sad, isn't it?

so i'm declaring my intentions now :: i will declutter and organize the items in my room (aka the baby's room) for at least 20 minutes everyday. hopefully that will be enough time to get everything out of here to make room for the crib, the glider, the changing table, etc. before mid-october. also, i cannot make more of a mess in other rooms as i move the things out of my room. therefore, i'm also declaring that i will declutter, organize, and clean the other rooms in my house for at least 15 minutes everyday. that's only 35 minutes a day. totally doable ... i think.


hobokener said...

Lazy is such a pejoritive word. I think you're WAY too hard on yourself. In Labor Econ, GB talked about Labor Lovers and Leisure Lovers - people vary and just get differening amounts of utility from the different activities. I don't think there's any shame in being a leisure lover, even if it is in the midst of an american culture that stresses that hard work in itself is a good thing (which I personally think is a belief system that folks just developed so they could cope with the rigors of the industrial revolution).

yucaree said...

i haven't thought about GB in a long time (ever since they shut down boyer's coffee in my neighborhood, i don't have any reminders of him!), much less leisure lovers and labor lovers. i am definitely a leisure lover, and PROUD of it! i personally don't have a problem with the way i am, but i do think there is a certain amount of societal pressure that requires i be concerned with the lack of direction in my life. and, at times, i have to admit, i fall prey to that pressure and start thinking there's something wrong with me. then i remember, there is always something wrong with me!