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yesterday was kind of a big day for the boy. perhaps we make too much of it these days, but he "graduated" from pre-k (the school doesn't call it a "graduation," but a "celebration"). what's the big deal, you ask? i'm not 100% sure myself ... but i feel like in his short life the boy has learned and grown a lot more than i did at his age. the stuff pre-schoolers are expected to know by the time they get to kindergarten is pretty amazing. so i feel like he deserves to celebrate his accomplishments -- way to go IR!

i'm supposed to be working on an album for a friend (a surprise gift for the spouse) but i've been procrastinating a bit (surprised? didn't think so.) and i haven't gotten too much done. but it's coming along ... of course, it didn't help that i checked out some books from the library on tuesday (see "what i'm reading" on the sidebar) and totally got sucked into my chick lit selection. it was completely asinine, predictable and mindless to read. that's probably why i finished it instead of concentrating on this project. oops.

today i went out to lunch with my best friend from sixth grade. i hadn't seen her in years; we couldn't even remember the last time we saw each other. [sidenote: i found her and contacted her through classmates.com -- that site can be useful at times!] we were only really close for a year because her family moved to arkansas after sixth grade. she just graduated from law school and came back west to take the california bar exam. it was great to see that she was still the down-to-earth, funny, sweet person she was when we were 12. it was so good to see you, JN!

okay, back to the album. my goal is to finish sometime tomorrow so it's not hanging over my head during the weekend. it's also a great excuse to either make a crappy dinner or order out tonight! whoo hoo!

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