another small baby?

the boy was born 10 days early; he weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces, and measured 18.5 inches. not a very big baby. in fact, i was only in the delivery room for about 3 hours when he was born, and i wasn't pushing for very long either.

i'm hoping this one will be just as "easy" [note: childbirth is never easy]. after all, they do say subsequent births are faster and easier.

there were some small hints today that perhaps things will go well when the time comes. at my ob appointment i found out i've only gained about a pound in the last month (half a pound since my last appointment two weeks ago) and i'm measuring smaller than the number of weeks i'm pregnant. so the doctor ordered another ultrasound, which i will probably do next week. she's not really worried because i have another month until my due date, but just to be on the safe side. i don't mind at all having a small baby so i'm not particularly worried either. in fact, it'll be nice to get another ultrasound if they're going to give me a printout. i'd like to see what the little girl looks like at 37 weeks!

p.s. we also checked to make sure her head is down, which it is. she has a nicely shaped noggin. :)


hobokener said...

glad everything is going well and that the girl is pointed down.good luck with the final weeks.

grudge girl said...

I'm getting really excited for you! You don't EVER complain, so either you're feeling great, as well as looking great, or you just keep complaints to yourself.

So do you have any ideas about what girl will be like, based on her in utero behavior? I just knew Simon would be a monkey, because he was so kicky and loop-da-loopy.

grudge girl said...
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yucaree said...

grudge girl: i'm sending you an email in just a second ...

you really shouldn't have gotten us anything -- but that was SO sweet of you!! i like presents. :)

and i'll delete your last post so your email isn't up. thanks!

yucaree said...


how's new teach doing with the last part of her pregnancy? she must be down to every-other-week appointments, right?

like i said in the post, i haven't grown much in the last month so people keep commenting that i'm so small for 9 months. it's weird to hear that because i'm never small!

yucaree said...

grudge girl: i do feel pretty great, especially during the day (when i blog!) so i don't have much to complain about. plus, when i see people and they ask me how i'm doing and tell me i look good for far along i am, i can't help but feel good and not complain.

however, the complaining comes later in the evening when the girl starts tumbling around in there just as i'd like to settle down for the evening. so then i let JR really have it. even if i'm feeling so-so i just moan and groan and toss and turn. just "sharing the wealth," i guess!

i think the girl will definitely be more active and energetic than the boy. i just hope not too much!