i found the most adorable birdy cushion on lily's rooster's blog, which she made for her own baby. i couldn't resist and bought one for the girl's room since we're going with a chick/birdy theme. it arrived today and the boy and i are thrilled with it! not only is it gigantic and pink and soft, it's just sooooo darn cute!

lily's rooster was kind enough to make the boy a blue birdy snappy patch after i told her how much he looooooves birdies. he took the picture below to show his new little pal.

once the baby's room is in order i'll post some of the other chick/birdy stuff the boy and i have collected over the years.

oh yeah, check out lily's rooster's other merchandise at www.lilysrooster.com -- she makes some really cute bat totes that would be perfect for halloween!


lily's rooster said...

yay! thanks so much for your kind words about your new friends. I'm so glad you and your boy love them.

Tenika said...

cayooooooooooooooooooooooooooote! i love that so much!

yucaree said...

ack! i can't believe both lily's rooster and tenika have looked at my blog and commented! i'm so happy! :)

hobokener said...

You're going with a chick theme, we're going with a duck theme. who knew avian-themed baby rooms were so popular?

yucaree said...


we had a duckie theme in our old bathroom for the boy. not only does he love chicks and birds, but he continues to love ducklings too.

we (the boy and i) decided on the chick theme because we can use different colored chicks to decorate the room. hopefully it'll turn out cute.

grudge girl said...

I have to post a comment here so that I can bask in the excellent company!

That birdie pillow is completely squishable. I heart it.

Yucaree-what colors are you going with in girl's room?

yucaree said...

grudge girl: i think we're going with a light green theme with different colored chicks. sort of girlie but not too outlandish/pink-all-over girlie.