uncooperative, but healthy, child

the ultrasound of the girl showed she was growing just fine; she's currently weighing in at about 6 pounds, which would make her bigger than the boy if she gains half a pound a week like she's supposed to. phew! not that i was worried, but it was good to see things for myself. plus, JR came with me, which was nice since this is the first appointment he's been to.

we got a few minutes of video of her wriggling around, but she was pretty uncooperative. she had her hand in front of her face a lot of the time and then right after we put our video tape in, she decided to turn her back on us. so the technician only managed to get a picture of her foot. now at least we know she has one good foot! [sorry about the poor quality scan -- the foot is in the middle on its side with her itty bitty toes on the right.]


hobokener said...

Nice foot! Glad to hear the girl is the right size.

grudge girl said...

Footie! So sweet.

Hee. She's being coy.