another week gone by

[edited: monday, october 24]

the days seem to be passing quickly and i'm down to 17 days before my due date. that seems awfully soon, but not soon enough.

i've been keeping myself busy by doing some more applique (pictures to follow once it's completed), thinking about future sewing projects (my current "obsession"), and getting things ready for the baby on occasion. and our weekend schedule is quite full since we're trying to cram a lot into our last few free days.

i started off this weekend by going out to brunch with my friend AY and her son D (that's them in the picture) at s&w country diner in culver city. i indulged in some good ol' southern food while swapping birthing and child-rearing stories with AY. gosh, i like her. after parting from their company i went to a scrapbook store down the street from s&w and bought a few sheets of pretty paper, even though they're totally overpriced. they were just so pretty!

tomorrow we're off to the natural history museum in the morning to see the "collapse?" exhibit with our friends R and A. we've been planning this museum excursion for months and we're just now getting around to it.

[the exhibit was actually pretty lame. i found the museum website's information on the exhibit just as informative as the actual thing. there just wasn't a lot to it. however, the fossils were good, as always. the boy took the blurry picture of R next to a triceratops donation box the boy affectionately dubbed "the vault."]

afterwards, JR and the boy are off to the ucla-oregon state football game at the rose bowl. no way in hell i'm going to that. instead, i plan to do some sewing and eating at my mom's house.

sunday will be just as busy. we have to get the boy registered for t-ball and then i plan to see my baa-chan, my grandma on my dad's side, since i won't be able to see her for awhile after having the baby (she's in a retirement community and doesn't travel well).

then the boy has a soccer game at 4; he's going to be exhausted and cranky, but hopefully that won't deter him from playing offense again this week (ever since the ball in the face incident he's preferred to play defense near the goal).

[the boy had a fabulous soccer week. he played offense, ran back and forth on the field numerous times at top speed, chasing the ball and kicking it. he also made a goal!! well, almost ... it hit the goal post and bounced towards the net, and then his teammate nudged it in. he's finally gotten over his fear of the soccer ball and seems to be enjoying himself.]

right after that we're off to dinner with my folks at a wonderful little french restaurant in little tokyo.

so, where in this schedule is there time to pick out paint for the girl's room and patch up the gigantic holes in the wall?? someone, please tell me!


hobokener said...

just remember that babies don't know or care if their room is painted some pretty shade! Enjoy your final single-child days.

grudge girl said...

What a nice weekend!

"wonderful little french restaurant in little tokyo."

I wanna go! I LUV me some French cuisine.

Man. I never get to do anything fun anymore. At this point, I'd settle for a movie.

I'm starting to get really excited for you. Girl will be here so soon!

I agree with hobokener. As long as you've got sleepers and diapers, you're made in the shade. Plus, remember how sleepy they are in the first couple of months? You'll totally have SO much time to finish stuff up before she starts really waking up and demanding lots of attention.

What shade of paint are you thinking about? I like to be able to visualize.

yucaree said...

my parents have been following this chef around from restaurant to restaurant for the last 20+ years. he retired 4 years ago but he's back with his son and we're so excited. it's actually more of a franco-japanese restaurant, but it's quite good and really reasonably priced. my parents were nice enough to take us out before the girl arrives and we stop going out for good.

i know what you mean about just going to a movie. we saw "wallace and gromit" a couple weeks back and that was the first movie we'd seen in the theater since "star wars episode 3." not only do we not have time for movie outings, but it's soooo expensive now! it doesn't seem right that we have to pay over $30 to see a matinee and get some snacks.

as for the baby's room, i'd be completely content to leave it the way it is, holes and all, but JR insists we have to do something. who's "we" exactly?! luckily, my mother-in-law has insisted we use her housekeeper (tells you oodles and oodles about my housekeeping skills that my mil would pay for her housekeeper to come here, doesn't it?). so, today, instead of cleaning, the housekeeper is going to patch up the holes in the wall. hopefully she knows what she's doing.

we're thinking of going with a pale, but cheery, yellow for the wall. unfortunately, it's been a bit cloudy the last few days and we only have fluorescent light in the room so i can't yet fully visualize the right shade. i'll post pics once it's done!