still nothin'

since i'm just sitting around waiting for the baby to come (my prediction was obviously wrong) i decided to finish up the applique for the boy. the cloud on the left still has to be completely stitched on, but it's pretty much done. i'm going to sew the entire thing on to the front of a canvas tote bag i bought to use as an overnight bag for when the boy goes to spend the night at his grandparents' house while JR and i are at the hospital.

i splurged and bought all kinds of new stuff for the boy to put in his overnight bag. it's kind of a "you're the special big brother" bag. i got him some new clothes, pj's, star wars underwear, a toothbrush, books, a bionicle, that sort of thing. i hope he likes it!


Tracy Lynn said...

That's gorgeous!

grudge girl said...

I love that it's a mama chicken and her chick. Very reassuring.

You are the sweetest! I mean, what boy wouldn't be thrilled by brand new Star Wars underwear? Hee!

You're a good mom, Yucaree.

yucaree said...

thanks! i've had fun doing these felt appliques -- so much easier than regular applique. i'm thinking of making some little chick decorations to hang in the girl's room next.

the chicken and chick were, of course, the boy's idea, as was the dark green background. i now kinda wish that we had chosen a better color, but oh well.

the star wars underwear are great -- there's a giant yoda face on the butt of one of them!