let the festivities begin!

i'm not much of a halloween person, but the boys sure do enjoy it.

last night we headed off to J&D's house for a kid-friendly halloween party. J&D are probably the hippest people we know, but soooo down-to-earth and fabulous with kids. they don't have any kids of their own, yet they host wonderful parties for the little ones.

they had jack-o-lantern carving, cookie baking, movie watching, mac-n-cheese eating, craft making, and lots of picture taking activities waiting for us. we also got to see the boy's friend, C, who was an absolute doll dressed up as dorothy (her mom was glinda). the two of them are just a couple months apart in age and play so well together (maybe because they only see each other four or five times a year). it's always sweet to see two kids who just naturally click regardless of how long it's been since they last saw each other. and, to think when they were infants the boy was deathly afraid of C!

the boy went in his darth vader costume, and who should be there but a doggie version of princess leia. so, of course, we had to snap this picture! it kinda made me laugh that the dog was a boy and its danish-hair wig kept falling off.

tomorrow the boy's school has a halloween parade around the block and then he's off with JR (dressed as obi wan) to go trick-or-treating with some friends. i'll probably join them for a little while and then head home to pass out candy ... unless, of course, the girl decides she wants to be a halloween baby!


grudge girl said...

Darth boy is so cute! I hope you guys have a great time tonight.

That dog costume is hilarious! My favorite one I've seen so far has to be the dachshund that was decked out as a loaf of Wonder Bread. Hee!

Does JR have the Obi Wan robe and everything? Is he going as old Obi Wan, or young Obi Wan, with the weird rat-tail braid thingy? You have to get pictures!

yucaree said...

JR was a half-ass obi wan; he just bought a brown hooded sweatshirt and a blue lightsaber. he wanted to be episode III obi wan, but growing out a beard that hefty would've taken some time!

and, as would have it, i forgot to take pictures of the boy and JR together. pregnancy brain also made me forget to bring along a candy bag for the boy when we went trick-or-treating. what was i thinking?!