working hard or hardly working?

yea, the weekend!

i think i got off to a good start today by getting some work done. i actually did some translating work, which i do on occasion; scrubbed the kitchen sink and counters; washed the dishes; folded a load of laundry; tidied (tidy-ed?) up just a bit; dealt with my weepy son who couldn't draw a dolphin; and talked with my in-laws when they came to pick up the boy for their weekly afternoon visit.

now that i've written down what i did today, it doesn't sound like i did much. but, sadly, this has been one of my more productive days. see, i told you i wasn't much of a housekeeper!

this weekend will require that i do more work than usual: the girl's room must come together, if only for the sake of JR's sanity (he stresses a lot). he plans to put the crib together and move the dresser from the boy's room to the girl's room (it has a changing table on top). that means i have to move more stuff into the garage, sort the boy's clothes from the dresser, and clean the floor in the girl's room.

i still don't think it's totally urgent to get the girl's room ready -- it's not like she's actually going to care what her room looks like for awhile, but it is better to get it done before she arrives. i know it'll get done; it's not that much more work. but the first thing my mother-in-law said when she walked into the room was, "oh my god!"

is it really that bad? c'mon, be honest with me!


grudge girl said...

Ok, it's better, but you've got a little way to go just yet.


But that's ok! You totally got so much accomplished! Go, you!

My favorite thing about that room is the light.

yucaree said...

actually, JR did a great job this weekend and the room is pretty much empty of all of my craft stuff. i haven't yet moved out my large sheets of paper because, frankly, i'm concerned about storing all the washi paper in the garage (it's raining right now). the manga hasn't been moved either because i have NO idea where to put them!

the biggest problem right now is that after removing the wall shelving we're left with numerous gigantic holes in the wall. they have to be patched up (along with an ugly, horribly repaired crack in the wall), and JR wants to paint that wall, but i don't know if we have enough time ...