coming to you live from the garage

the dismantling of the office/craft room continues. this past weekend JR removed all of the computer equipment from inside the house and set it up in the garage. it's kinda weird having to walk out of the house to check my email ... well, technically, we have a laptop we can use inside the house, but i like my big ol' desktop to go online. luckily, the wireless reaches out here so we haven't yet had any problems with the internet hookup. [cross fingers and knock on wood now.] with the computer being out here i have a feeling i won't be online as much, so the frequency of postings may also go down. we'll have to see ...

in other happenings, this past weekend we went to the hometown fair in manhattan beach, where JR and i grew up. i always get the gigantic bbq-ed turkey leg, but they didn't have the booth this year. bummer. instead i settled for funnel cake and a pepperbelly. i also finished reading jonathan safran foer's extremely loud and incredibly close. it was good and sad and interestingly written. and, i went out to lunch with my mom today. sushi -- yum! she's friends with the sushi chef so we get special treatment. i finished off the lunch with ice cream with homemade azuki (red bean). love that stuff, even more than ice cream with chocolate.

i'm also getting a long post ready for publishing sometime this week. stay tuned!

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hobokener said...

I'm ready and willing for the long post! Glad the garage internet is working for you.