today is the start of week 37 of my pregnancy. only three more weeks to go; if the girl arrives early like the boy did, it could be as soon as two weeks. i'm getting a bit anxious. i now have constant heartburn (again), and indigestion, menstrual-like cramps, colostrum leaking, achy pelvis, exhaustion, general uncomfortableness ... you know, all that good jazz.

last night i woke up in the middle of the night because i have to constantly pee and couldn't get back to sleep. i decided to read up on the signs of labor (just in case) and, of course, that didn't help to put me to sleep. it only made me more anxious.

tomorrow morning JR and i are going to my ultrasound appointment to make sure the girl is growing all right. hopefully i'll have an image of her to upload afterwards. then on thursday i have my regular ob appointment, at which point dr. field may be able to reassure me that this girl ain't coming for awhile, or she's coming soon. i just want to know.

on a brighter note, my son read ten apples up on top! all by himself on the first try. it is an easy book, but he read the whole thing even though he got tired part way through it. it's an old copy from JR's collection, which we sorted through over the weekend. even JR, the not-so-prolific reader, has some childhood memories attached to certain books, this being one of them. it was cute to see him smile and reminisce as he went through his old books, and then to see him and his son reading his old book. awww!


grudge girl said...

I feel for you. I remember the no-sleeping, and the always peeing.

Gosh, I need to get on the stick and get my package out to you. I'm sorry! I've been taking my sweet time about it (and I've been, as you know, busybeyondbelief), but your post just made me realize that time is marching on lickety split for you!

I'll get right on that.

I'm so excited to maybe see the girl! Yay!

Also? We totally LOVE Ten Apples Up On Top! Go Dog, Go, and Are You My Mother? are also favorites, along the same sort of wacky yet lovable lines.

Good for boy! Reading is sort of a miracle, I think, so it's quite magical when they acquire that skill.

So what's your feeling on how frequently you'll be posting once little girl is here?

yucaree said...

the no sleeping is the hardest because i love to sleep. but once i get on a no sleeping schedule i can usually function all right for awhile. so as much as i hate it, i guess this is practice for when the girl arrives.

i figure i'll be posting pretty regularly after getting home from the hospital with the girl. i can always type while she's breastfeeding (i got really good at that with the boy). although i'm not sure what exciting news i'll have to share ... how many times she pooped that day? j/k! i'll try to post as many pictures as i can of the girl and boy.

reading is a big deal for me so i'm glad the boy has picked up the skill. it helped that i learned a few tricks here and there while working in first grade to get him to remember some phonics. and i gotta give the boy credit, too: he likes letters, has a great memory (to remember phonics "rules"), and genuinely likes books.