how can that be?!

despite crampiness and considerable discomfort last night, an internal exam this morning by my ob showed absolutely no progress in the baby-birthing department. the cervix was closed for business.

frankly, i'm suprised. i thought that by now i'd be at least a little bit dilated. it's not real pain, per se, but i'm feeling all kinds of stuff that i don't recall feeling with the boy. it just may be that my body went through some changes after the first birth and is now allowing me to experience a different kind of 9th month pregnancy. like my pelvis, for example. it hurts all the time -- when i walk, when i sit, when i get up, when i lie down, when i stand. is it going to continue hurting this badly when i'm actually going through labor? if so, this birth will not be so pleasant. (is it ever?)

perhaps i should rethink my prediction of when the girl will be born ... although, once the contractions actually start, she could come pretty quick. an acquantaince suggested i drink lots of raspberry tea to speed up the process. she got this advice from a friend in london, where, apparently, it's a very popular method.

but then i was reading a post about a pretty horrible birth on a medical school student's blog, which was almost disturbing. i know these kinds of births are rare, but still, you don't want to know about them right before your due date!

p.s. one piece of good news: i actually lost some weight! it's not unusual for weight gain to stop or decrease at this point, but it didn't happen with the last pregnancy so i'm quite thrilled! one less pound to worry about post-pregnancy.


Tracy Lynn said...

Man, Yucaree, I"m sorry you aren't feeling all glowy and stuff. My sister-in-law just had a baby this summer, and she didn't think it was alot of fun either. Of course, once Herself is here, this will all be a distant memory...
Anyway, I'm rooting for you! And I'll take November 5 in the Baby Lottery. :-)

grudge girl said...

Dear lord. You can NOT be reading posts like that at this time. I say no to you! Too! Much! Information!

Contrast that with my hour and half of labor, no stitches, no ripping, 2 pushes, baby out. Voila! Easy peasy!

Think positive!

My labor was jump-started by a ginormo latte at roughly 9 pm, during a study session I was holding for some of my students in a coffee shop.

Or raspberry tea. Either way.

And yeah, the pelvis thing is pretty common. Are you waddling uncomfortably because she's pushing down really hard with her head? That hurt a lot, as I recall!

But you don't feel that in labor anymore.


Are you going to go trick-or-treating with the boy? All that walking might help things. Someone told me to walk with one foot up on the curb, and one foot down on the street. That's supposed to aid dilation, or some such.

I can't even believe you lost a pound. Dang. You rule!

yucaree said...

i am starting to think more positively and *trying* not to pressure myself into having this baby early. she'll come when she's good and ready.

the boy's birth was super fast and easy as well ... otherwise i wouldn't have consented to having another kid! hopefully, this birth will be quick once it starts.

i wasn't going to go trick-or-treating with the boys, but i think i will join them for a little while. i'll be the waddling lady with one foot on the curb and one foot in the street drinking raspberry tea!

so, what's everyone going to be for halloween?