i'm so proud

at school today the boy received a citizenship award for his class. granted, two kids from each class get selected each month, but i'm so happy that his teacher recognized him not only for academic achievement but also for getting along with his friends and classmates.

when i spoke to her a couple of weeks ago she was telling me what she noticed about the boy. she's noticed that he's not rambunctious like the other boys and will remove himself from situations where other kids are getting out of hand. she also said that even if other kids bother him, he tries not to tattle so as not get them in trouble. she just worries that because he's so mellow other kids might try to bully him (especially since he's small in stature too). i hope that i've given him the skills to deal with situations like that should they arise. but it's also reassuring to know that the teacher understands my child's personality. that makes such a difference in the classroom.


hobokener said...

Congratulations! you must be kvelling.

grudge girl said...

It's like the Nobel Peace Prize for kids, right?

Hee! Good for him!

So much like Ethan. And Simon too, it seems to be turning out. Ethan WAS sort of mentally bullied by this one kid for a while (seethe), but eventually it resolved itself. I hope your boy never has to go through that. Or you, for that matter. I was a wreck!

It sounds like your boy has some natural inner resources and instincts he can rely on in uncomfortable situations. He's neat!

yucaree said...

kids can be mean. i mean, it's just hard to be a kid in general, and then have to deal with the social groups and finding your place but not necessarily having the maturity to deal with it ... i'm glad i'm an adult now. (not that adults are any better, but at least we can deal with it better ... usually!)

i also hope that the boy doesn't get bullied, or becomes a bully himself. not that i can ever see my kid as a bully, but you never know. but if he does get bullied i hope i can be the kind of parent that gives him the right skills and advice to be able to deal with it. although, you're totally right about the parent becoming a wreck! i can see myself totally breaking down behind closed doors if that were to happen.

i'm glad to hear that ethan's bully problem resolved itself. from what i've read it sounds like he's such an empathetic courageous young man!

yucaree said...


you may be thinking that i'm just an emotional gob of parental pride, but you just wait -- once jsc is born you're going to be gushing with pride too!

grudge girl said...

OHMYGOSH! The cuteness! The proud look on his face! EEEEEK!

I all verklempt.

hobokener said...

BTW, when I said that you must be kvelling (aka swelling with pride) I wasn't being sarcastic at all! I just meant honestly that you must be proud that you have such a good kid. Just didn't want you to read it wrong. And yes, I'm sure I'll be gushing with pride as well.

lily's rooster said...

what an honor! he's such a cutie. tell him congrats for me. it's so nice to see who's loving the birds.

yucaree said...


i know you were being sincere! in actuality, i was marvelling at how mushy *i* sounded to myself!! i don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones but everything that comes out of my mouth (and everything i type) seems to come out much more overdramatic than necessary ... or have i always been this way?!

yucaree said...

grudge girl and lily's rooster:

thank you for the compliments! i think this shot really shows how proud he was (even JR commented on the boy's great expression). i can't wait to scrapbook it!