feeling a bit creative

yesterday, after helping JR move some stuff into the garage and going through the boy's old clothes, i found myself with some time on my hands. and since JR was incredibly skeptical about me making anything for the girl's room, i decided to make something just to spite him.

i found an article in an old "martha stewart baby" magazine that had some cute farm animal appliques, and i figured, why not? i'm not particularly good with a needle and thread, so i did a felt applique instead (it doesn't require all of the prep work that applique with fabric that frays does). still, the handiwork isn't particularly good, so don't look too closely at the stitch work! but i did manage to applique the green grass, which is cotton -- turns out straight lines on fraying fabric are much easier to applique than curvy lines.

i plan to embroider the girl's initial above the chick and then put the whole thing in a small frame to decorate her wall.

as a total sidenote, we saw olympic ice skater michelle kwan at our local tj's, the second sighting this year! (she lives in a gated community nearby.)


Jerry Simpson said...
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grudge girl said...

That is completely so cute I can't even deal!

I stand in awe before your mad sewing skillz.

How wonderful that you're able to make personalized decorations for her. I have a framed piece that my grandmother embroidered for me when I was born, and I love it so much.

What a treasure!

lily's rooster said...

Cute!! She's a lucky little one to have a mama that makes such lovely, happy things for her.

yucaree said...

thanks! it's been awhile since i've actually made anything with fabric, so this was supposed to be a practice piece. but it's good enough [note: the theme of this blog] to use, i figure. the boy has requested that i make him a yellow one, so we'll have to see if i can repeat this performance!