food on my mind

i like to eat. i can't remember when it started, but i find that food is a central part of my life. it's not like i'm a total foodie or gourmand; i don't make a gigantic effort to find the best restaurants or spend all my money on food. but i do like to eat. if the food makes me happy then it's done its job.

lately i've been thinking about eating a lot. part of it is because i now get heartburn due to the pregnancy and i have to watch what i eat. i never experienced heartburn until i got pregnant and it really puts a damper on meal time (and i finally understood how horrible it was for JR, who gets heartburn quite frequently). but regardless of the threat of heartburn i can't help but imagine food in my belly.

today i had a hankering for cha siu bao and other dim sum-y things. i've always liked cha siu bao, but today i REALLY had to have a hot one. i could just feel my teeth sinking into the chewy, but soft, bun and taste the sweetness of the pork on my tongue. and, of course, i couldn't just stop with bao -- i'd have to have some jiaozu (sp?), siumai and hargow too. and, to top it all off, i would get some congee, rice porridge, with 100-year duck egg. unfortunately, the closest place that has good dim sum is 15 minutes away and i just didn't feel like going out (especially since i have to fill up the gas tank in the car) or spending money.

instead, i found myself eating a can of chili from TJ's and then snacking on six mini snickers bars from our halloween bowl. sad, isn't it?

on a daily basis i've really been craving sushi. i know, i know, pregnant women aren't supposed to eat sushi, but i'm japanese ... i'm immune to whatever's bad in sushi! if there's one thing i know won't give me heartburn during pregnancy, it's sushi. the only thing stopping me from having sushi everyday is the cost!

other than that i love noodles. i haven't had it in months, but i often think about vietnamese pho noodles with meat, tendon and tripe mixed with tons of bean sprouts. i don't like to complicate the beef broth so i keep mine plain except for the addition of a few chilies. a side of summer rolls is good too.

but more than any other kind of noodle, i enjoy a hot steaming bowl of wonton mien, chinese egg noodles with wontons. i have yet to find a satisfactory bowl of noodles near where i live (not that i've been looking very diligently). i did, however, find a frozen kind that i'm content with at the chinese market. i just had the last of it on friday and after finishing off my bowl, i sat there in a daze for about 10 minutes just thinking about wontons.

and, last but not least, i always like ramen noodles. i'm particularly a fan of the tonkotsu (pork-based) soup, but lately i've also awakened to the spicy tantan-men. yummy! unfortunately, LA is not particularly known for its ramen restaurants. the special ramen at santouka in the mitsuwa marketplace in torrance is pretty good, and i know there are a few more places i should try out but nothing has jumped out at me as really good ramen. you gotta get the "real deal" in japan.

so, that's what's been on my mind as of late. i'm trying not to think about the baby ... just about what i'll eat after the baby arrives!


hobokener said...

What's so bad about sushi? You can have sushi with cooked fish, and there's not that much fish in sushi anyway, and some fish are better than others - I bet there is some way that sushi can be ok.

yucaree said...

sushi is bad because it's not cooked and can lead to food poisoning, which is very bad for pregnant ladies. but i get my sushi from a reputable sushi chef that my mom knows so i've never been too concerned.

it's like how women in europe don't really stop drinking wine just because they're pregnant. i think it's the same with japanese women and sushi.

grudge girl said...

You just made me SO hungry. And, I swear, I was totally going to write about food over at my place before I read what you've whipped up over here. I swear.

*Twilight Zone music*

I must have psychically picked up on your food mood!

I LOVE the way you described all of that delicious food. Mmmm. With Charlotte, I craved SPICY food like I would never eat any other time. It was so weird. Like, I didn't even notice the heat of it.

It must be a girl thing.

I really want some wanton mien now. I have no idea where to find this. It's in the frozen section at the Chinese market, you say? I'm going to go look.

Happy eating, girl!

yucaree said...

JR said i made him hungry, too. i guess he read this post at work, and then he had to come home to NO dinner. we ended up using the hot plate to make some potstickers, which was good. then we made the mistake of heating up an instant chow mein we randomly bought at the market last week. it was soooooo disgusting!

today, i'm craving fried zucchini sticks, fresh out of the fryer.

but i'm having chicken pot pie instead. for frozen, it ain't too bad. i'm not complaining because all i had to do was pop it in the microwave. but one of these days i'm going to make my own -- perfect for the coming fall/winter seasons.

yucaree said...

grudge girl:

i can't remember the exact brand of the frozen wonton mien. but it came in a red bag, i think, with three bundles of noodles and wontons. the soup base is pretty mediocre, so i used another soup base i bought instead. there were several kinds of wontons (shrimp, pork w/leek, etc.) so the bags might be different colors. good luck finding it!

Tracy Lynn said...

I am now starving.
I started to get what I refer to as THE ACID INDIGESTION OF DOOM after my kidney function dropped below a certain level. I was eating so many Tums, my dr was worried about another calcium overdose. Now I'm on the Prilosec, and I swear to god, I'd marry the person who invented it if I didn't think that was a poor way to reward someone.

yucaree said...


i never knew exactly how bad indigestion/heartburn was until i got pregnant. it's truly awful and i feel for people who suffer from it constantly. i'm glad to hear that medicine works for you; thankfully, the OTC stuff usually works for JR.