2 weeks.

maya @ 2 weeks :: november 18, 2005
(sorry for the late posting)
  • she's getting to be a bit chunkier
  • forget the hairy shoulders ... her entire back is hairy!
  • she's still cross-eyed, but much more alert
  • she will punch JR in the chin given the opportunity
  • she's a poopy machine!
  • everyday she blesses us with a 3~4 hour stretch of sleep ... we just don't know when it will be
  • she's loud, just not in front of guests


Ichibro said...

Congratulations Yukari and Jordan. And Ian too. How wonderful!!!

Everyone looks happy. Can't wait to visit with your big, happy family.


yucaree said...

gavin!!! congratulations to you too on your engagement!! we can't wait to see you either ... when will you be in town with the future mrs.?

grudge girl said...

Heeeeeee!!! SO CUTE! She looks like she's laughing.