the name game part II

on saturday we had a party at my parents' house because it was my mom's birthday that day, the boy's birthday on sunday, and it was time to have the girl's shichiya for her meimei (naming). JR's family (including his cousin who was in town) joined us for yummy food made by my mom, cake and presents.

and i'm taking this opportunity to reveal the kids' names because i'm getting a bit tired of calling them "the boy" and "the girl." besides, the girl's name is clearly written on the meimei paper my mom calligraphed: maya. the boy's name is ian. JR remains JR 'cause it's easier that way!

and how did we choose the name maya? well, it was the girl name we picked out when we were pregnant with ian. and the reason we picked it the first time around? because my parents had considered using it for my name when i was born. it's the name of a mountain behind my hometown in japan (kobe), which has a temple dedicated to the buddha's birth mother, whose name was maya. the name works in english and japanese, which is what we wanted.

and, in the end, i relented so she has JR's last name and my last name as her middle name. i guess it's less confusing that way, but still ...

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